Top 5 Places To Visit In Tenterden This Spring

Have you been to Tenterden lately? Perhaps you’ve never set foot in the beautiful town’s streets, where traditional weather-boarded buildings are steeped in history, and look scenic enough to be placed on a postcard. Whether you are considering a first time visit, or you are a regular, there is never s shortage of things to do.

Deep in the heart of the Weald of Kent, spring has blossomed, and the colours and floral scents are enough to lure anyone to pay a visit. Tenterden offers so much of all worlds – excellent shopping, family days out, glorious architecture and very much keeping that quaint country town feeling alive. So what would entice you to the area? We have compiled a list of five top places for you to visit in Tenterden this spring, and no matter what you choose to do, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed. 

Kent and East Sussex Railway

Originally part of a larger system which operated between Headcorn and Robertsbridge, the railway operating today is over ten miles in length and is a prime example of one of England’s light railways. 

Boasting both steam and diesel trains, the journey between Tenterden and Bodiam takes around 50 minutes each way. The Kent and East Sussex Railway is situated in an Area of Outstanding Beauty and follows the wide unspoilt Rother Valley for much of the journey. Don’t be fooled by the small stations either, there is always something to see or do! 

 Fun for all the family, refreshments galore (both on and off train) and the chance to observe nature in all its glory are all on offer and definitely makes it onto our list for all those reasons, and much more!

For a full timetable of services and events get on board on KESR’s website.

Chapel Down

Chapel Down is England’s leading wine producer with a wide range of world-class sparkling wines, contemporary gins and vodkas and aromatic still wines. Sourcing fruit from its own vineyards in Tenterden, it makes for a gorgeous day out. 

 Chapel Down promise to offer you the ‘best expression of England’ with their various tastes, and their estate is open to the public for guided tours and experiences that you won’t want to miss out on. 

Tour prices start at £25 per person where you will learn about the vineyard cycle, the English grape harvest and the Traditional Method sparkling wine process. Also included is a tasting of their varied selection of still and sparkling wines.

Smallhythe Place

This delightful, National Trust owned house, built in the early 16th century once belonged to Victorian actress Ellen Terry and contains a fascinating collection that used to be hers. As you move though Smallhythe, you’ll learn about her incredible career and private life. There are plenty of entertaining productions in the theatre and garden, with performances throughout the year. 

The cottage grounds are filled with an abundance of wildflowers of all colours, but don’t just take our word for it. Nature will repay you with gratitude no matter what season your choice of visit, however, spring is one you will really enjoy. 

With entry prices under £10 per person, there isn’t much to say no to. Ellen;s legacy is kept alive today, so make sure you go along to be part of it during your visit to Tenterden. 

Tenterden High Street

Whilst many other blogs will send you far and wide, we wanted to offer you the possibility of strolling under the large, leafy trees this spring, and along the High Street. There are some truly excellent shopping experiences here and this is the time of year where everyone can begin to enjoy sipping a cup of tea or coffee outside and watching the world go by. 

Stopping to appreciate the beauty of what is around us is so good for the soul, and you’ll not be short of little boutiques or shops to pay a visit during your time here. We need to love our High Streets, and Tenterden’s is visually as well as economically loved by locals and visitors alike, so taking a stroll along the avenue on your trip to be amongst the heart of the town.

Old Dairy Brewery

Moving to Tenterden in 2015 due to their growing business, The Old Dairy Brewery has firmly found its place in the hearts of residents and visitors. Housed in two World War II Nissen huts, their beer is certainly in popular demand. 

 The Old Dairy Brewery pride themselves on changing with the times and adjusting the taste of their brews with their own unique taste twist. Passionate as they are about their desire to craft the right blend for you, they are extremely popular when it comes to visitors. 

Lucky for some, they are generous with their samples and offer Brewery tours that start at 10am and last for 1.5 hours. You’ll hear details of the brewing process and experience all there is to know about the Old Dairy, with costs being just £15 per person.

A charming list of places, we think you’ll agree.

 As towns go, Tenterden has it all, and spring is always the best time to dust off those backpacks and get exploring. There’s just something about here that holds dear to us, and we hope you head there over the coming weeks so our words can become a reality for you.

Top 5 Places To Visit In Tenterden This Spring