International Museum Day – Tenterden Museum

As today is International Museum Day, we couldn’t let the day go by without a mention of our very own museum here in Tenterden, which has been able to re-open once again following the lifting of the Covid-19 restrictions

The Tenterden and District Museum was established in 1976 and, incredibly, is entirely run by volunteers.

Tenterden has a rich and varied history, with its Cinque Ports connection and having been such a major player in the wool industry. The museum collections reflect this with rooms over two floors dedicated to 1,000 years of local history. Artefacts range from Tenterden’s recently discovered 18th Century Tenterden Theatre wallpaper to a 1500 BC flint axe head. There are exhibitions dedicated to local agricultural trends and architectural themes from the town.

The Tenterden Museum itself is housed in a two-storey weather boarded building, one of the last representatives in Tenterden of a type of industrial building that would have been common in the area in the latter part of the 19th century. The building was originally a wagon store (built in 1873) and later became a warehouse.

Located close to Tenterden High Street with where you will discover cafes and independent shops and close to the Kent & East Sussex Railway, it is hardly surprising that the museum is one of he most popular tourist destinations in the town. A visit promises that there really is something for everyone to enjoy.

New for 2021

NEW EXHIBITION – Our Ever-Changing High Street
See who Richard Bridge traded with on the High Street when he ran the Black Horse pub (now the William Caxton) in the late 1800s and who runs those shops today. On display will be some of the goods, tools and equipment from some of the traders as well as glimpses of other eras.

The special exhibition uses a set of receipts from the Black Horse to chart commerce in the town in the 1890s and looks at the High Street again in the 1930s,1960s and brings it up to date with the current occupiers of the premises. A fascinating exhibition with a wall-display, interactive presentations and period artifacts on display.

For details of future exhibitions visit or visit The Tenterden and District Museum Facebook Page