Support Local For Free

It’s been a tough year for businesses in general, and with Lockdown 2.0 there’s no sign of things getting easier.  Many of us what to shop local and support Tenterden’s fantastic local independent traders through these tough times, but what if you can’t afford to do this currently?

Liz Jeffery from Shore Way Marketing shares her top tips on how we can all support local businesses without spending a penny.

“If, like me, you like to support local wherever you can, it’s good to know that there are many extra ways that will help to support local businesses other than simply shopping with them. Here are my top tips of ways to support local (and you can start doing them today).

  1. Recommend. A personal recommendation is without a doubt one of the best ways to support local businesses.  Shoppers who have a personal recommendation are far more likely to buy.
  2. Like social media posts. If you see a local business share a post on social media, give them a like.  This really helps the algorithms and gets the post in front of more potential buyers.  It only takes a split second of your time.
  3. Comment and share.  Commenting and sharing a post really helps get businesses in front of more buyers. The more you can do this, the more it helps.
  4. People often ask for recommendations for services and products online.  Tag a local business and recommend them.
  5. If you had a great service or bought a great product, write a review.  We are too quick to write bad reviews on poor service.  Writing positive review (it doesn’t matter where) not only really helps local businesses to shine and for new customers to be reassured that they are dealing with a trusted, reliable business (plus it feels nice).
  6. If you host a blog, why not write a piece about the your favourite local businesses?  Recommend to your followers that they try them when they can.  The mentioned businesses will most likely share your blog, getting you both in front of new audiences.”